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What Should You Do With Your Cat During Your Summer Vacation?

Summertime means a time to vacation for many families. Unfortunately, some of those families with cats wait until the last minute to make plans for them and end up making a rushed decision about their care. If you and your family are going on vacation, here is what you need to know to make plans for your cat's summer: Is Cat Boarding the Best Option? For families who have cats that do not like to travel or who are wary of taking their cats on vacation, cat boarding is an option. Read More 

What Is The Coton De Tulear?

Everyone is familiar with dogs like golden retrievers and poodles. However, there are so many other breeds of dogs out there, including some that most people are unfamiliar with. One of those breeds is the Coton de Tulear. Coton de Tulear Most countries have their own native dogs. In the case of the Coton, it's Madagascar. While it's not entirely possible to know exactly how the breed came into existence, the common theory is that a Tenerife dog was somehow brought to the island, perhaps with pirates in the 1500s or 1600s, and that dog, or dogs, bred with a breed of dog that was already native to Madagascar. Read More 

Save The Breed: Keep Labradors Healthy By Avoiding Trendy Dogs

Unique puppy combinations are everywhere. It may have begun with the labradoodle or the "pomchy" or whatever other combination of registered breeds blended together to create the "perfect" dog. It is obvious that people love their dogs, they love something new and interesting and they enjoy the idea of potentially solving problems like shedding by creating the right breed mix. Of course, another issue people attempt to control through breeding is size. Read More 

Reducing Your Cat’s Carrier Anxiety

Scheduling your cat to be boarded is generally pretty easy, but getting them to the cat boarding facility may be another matter. This is especially true if your cat hasn't been anywhere or is extremely anxious overall. If you cat falls into one of these categories, then just getting them into the carrier can be a major battle. If you are planning to travel and board your cat often, then you will need to get him used to being in a carrier. Read More 

Signs Your Cat Might Be Sick And Needs Veterinary Services

Cats are often stoic creatures, so it's not always easy to tell when your cat is sick or in need of veterinary services. Sometimes, it's obvious when your cat is very ill or injured and needs to get to an animal hospital right away. Other times, you need to rely on your instincts and observations. Here are some general signs your cat might be sick and needs to see a vet. Read More