Are You Ready For A Persian Kitten?

Persian cats are one of the most recognizable cat breeds. The long, lush hair and snub nose are characteristics that give Persian cats an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

If you are thinking of adding a Persian kitten to your household, it's imperative that you take the time to prepare for your kitten's arrival. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are ready to welcome a Persian kitten into your family in the near future.

Do You Have the Right Grooming Tools?

The thick silky coat of the Persian cat requires daily maintenance. You must have the right tools at your disposal before you bring your new kitten home so that you can establish a grooming schedule from the beginning.

Fortunately, grooming sessions offer you the opportunity to not only prevent problems for your cat, but to bond with your new Persian kitten as well. As such, invest in a quality brush and comb that can be used to detangle your kitten's coat. You will need a gentle stain removal solution designed to help you maintain your Persian's tear ducts and prevent tear stains over time. A shampoo and detangling solution made specifically for cats will also be needed so you can bathe your new kitten regularly.

Having all the right grooming tools before you bring your kitten home will allow you to immediately begin grooming and maintaining your new cat.

Have You Prepared a Quiet Respite?

Persian cats were prized by the nobility in years past for their docile nature. They make great lap cats, but they don't enjoy being in a loud and boisterous environment. Because of this, you must have a quiet respite prepared for your kitten before bringing him or her into your home. Find a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of your household. Add a cat tree, an enclosed cat bed, and possibly a tunnel to this space.

In addition, you should instruct all members of your household that this area is off-limits for the time being. By providing your Persian kitten with a safe and quiet space that they have all to themselves, your cat will be better equipped to adapt to the chaos that often exists within a modern household.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that Persians are high-maintenance cats. If you are prepared to meet your kitten's grooming and psychological needs before bringing him or her home, you will find that caring for your Persian kitten properly isn't a burden. Contact a breeder for more information about these cats, such as white solid Persian kittens.