Are Wheaten Terrier-Poodles Good With Kids?

Adding a new pet to your home is exciting, but you may worry about whether your furry friend will get along well with your family. This is a common concern, but many families find that wheaten terrier poodles are a good fit. Wheaten terrier poodles, also called whoodle dogs, are intelligent and affectionate dogs that make great companions for kids and other pets. With proper training and socialization, wheaten terrier poodles can be excellent playmates for your children and loving additions to your family. Read More 

Purchased A New Dog? Why You Need To Have Them Groomed

If you purchased a new dog, there are many ways to ensure they stay healthy. One thing you should do is take your dog to a groomer periodically. This is beneficial for them in many ways, four of which are listed below.  Keeps Your Dog's Coat Healthy Grooming not only makes your dog look better but it can keep them healthy. The groomer will bathe your dog to give them a healthy coat and fur. Read More