Purchased A New Dog? Why You Need To Have Them Groomed

If you purchased a new dog, there are many ways to ensure they stay healthy. One thing you should do is take your dog to a groomer periodically. This is beneficial for them in many ways, four of which are listed below. 

Keeps Your Dog's Coat Healthy

Grooming not only makes your dog look better but it can keep them healthy. The groomer will bathe your dog to give them a healthy coat and fur. 

If you take your dog regularly to the groomer the only thing you should do is brush your dog regularly especially if they have long hair. Matted hair can be painful as it can cause sores on the skin and knots are painful to remove if they become large. Brushing also creates a better bond between you and your dog. 

Prevent Problems with Eyes

If you have a dog that has long hair on their face, the hair will get in their eyes. This will not only make it hard for them to see but the hair constantly in their eyes can cause problems. For example, your dog may develop an infection in their eyes or have irritated eyes. If you see any problems with their eyes, take them to a veterinarian to have them treated.

The groomer will trim the hair so none is around their eyes. Because this hair likely grows fast, the groomer may show you how to trim it on your own. If they do, be sure to ask the groomer the type of scissors you need to use. 

Prevent Teeth Problems

A groomer will not deep clean your dog's teeth, but they will brush them to remove any surface plaque. This can prevent plaque from becoming too hard to remove. Cleaning their teeth is important, as this can prevent periodontal disease. This disease infects the gums and causes bleeding. Your dog then could lose their teeth if the disease is not taken care of. 

The groomer can show you how to brush your dog's teeth at home and suggest the toothpaste and brush to use. It may take your dog some time to get used to this routine, but soon they likely will not mind. Along with this, take your dog to a veterinarian that provides deep teeth cleaning on a regular basis. 

Talk with a dog groomer in your area to learn of other services they can provide to you.