3 Things To Look For With A Goldendoodle Breeder

When you want to purchase a Goldendoodle puppy, the breeder you purchase from is just as important as the dog itself. As you search for a breeder, you should go into the situation with some information and knowledge about what you're looking for. Breeders have specific attributes and features that will help you make the best selection for your new pet. 

Check out some of the things to look for and what to expect when you shop for a Goldendoodle breeder.

1. Previous Puppies & Testimonials

Oftentimes, you will find breeders with a long history of breeding Goldendoodle puppies. The best way to get an idea of what to expect is to take a glimpse at the past animals offered by the breeder. Look to see the success stories of other owners who purchased puppies there. Check out reviews on third-party websites or tagged posts on social media.

Through the posts, you will get more insight into the process, see how the puppies have grown, and learn what the owners expect. The detailed information can make a big difference in the decision you make and help you find a breeder you're comfortable with.

2. Parental History & Information

Breeders will often supply you with information on the parental history of their puppies. A good breeder will often conduct DNA testing on the parents of the litter to showcase if the dog has any signs of possible health ailments. You can read profiles about both parents to learn where they came from and how far the lineage goes back.

The information can help you form a picture of what the new puppy will be like and what to expect when you purchase one of the puppies. The genetic information will also help you inform your vet and go through any precautionary measures to ensure the dog stays healthy for the majority of their life.

3. Training & Health Options

After the puppy is born, some breeders may offer additional services to make the transition easier. For example, a puppy may get up-to-date with shots or procedures, like neutering. You could also choose to enroll the puppy in a training program so the dog learns early and has a foundation of training you can build off of.

As you browse through breeders, see what kind of extras they have available. Some include shots and vaccinations as part of the package deal. In other cases, the addition of training may cost a little extra.

Do some research to find out the necessary information and have the best experience with your Goldendoodle breeder.