Important Reasons To Get Regular Physical Exam Services For Your Pets

As a pet owner, you want to take the best care possible of your animal companions. Part of taking the best care of them involves making sure that they stay healthy and free from pain. 

To protect their health, you need to take them to the veterinarian's office at least once a year. You can get an annual physical exam for pets when you bring your pets to their vet on a regular basis.

Monitoring for Signs of Illness

One of the main reasons to get regular physical exam services for your pets involves monitoring them for signs of illness. Pets like cats are adept at hiding signs of sickness. You may have no idea that they are sick until it is too late and they are close to dying.

When you take your pets in for physical exam services, you can have them monitored regularly for anything that can make them sick. Your pets' vet can perform tests like x-rays and blood tests to find out if they have any illnesses like thyroid disease or cancer. If your pets are sick, you can decide if you want to treat them or euthanize them humanely.

Looking for Physical Injuries

Another reason to get regular physical exam services for your pets involves checking them for injuries. If one of your pets is limping, for example, you need to know if it is suffering from a sprain or broken bone. You can also find out if it has something sharp in its paw that is causing it pain when it walks.

Your vet can perform a physical exam to find out what is causing your pet's injury. He or she can then treat it by putting your pet's paw or limb in a cast or by removing a foreign object that is causing pain.

Finally, physical exam services can involve getting your pet vaccinated against serious illnesses. Your vet can administer shots for diseases like rabies and feline HIV. Your pet can also get vaccinated against distemper and likewise get dewormed to help it live a longer and healthier life.

Regular physical exam services are critical for keeping your pets healthy and free from pain. They can involve checking for signs of serious illnesses like cancer and thyroid disease. They likewise can detect if your pets have injuries and also provide vaccines against serious illnesses like rabies. Contact a vet to learn more.