3 Reasons to Prioritize Professional Grooming for Your Senior Cat

As the owner of a cat that's in the senior stage of its lifetime, you'll need to set aside the time to keep up with grooming. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the necessary grooming, it's best to consider how long their fur is and the challenges that can come with grooming on your own.

By bringing your cat to a groomer, they can receive the excellent care they deserve, and you won't need to worry about taking care of their fur on your own. 

Keep Nails Trimmed Short

Trimming the nails on cats can be challenging for many pet owners, but you don't want to skip this essential part of grooming. Nails that are too long can lead to discomfort and issues where their balance is affected.

When your cat has long nails, there also comes the risk of getting scratched by accident when picking them up or putting them back down. Since trimming the nails can be tough to do on your own, especially when your cat is uncomfortable with its paws being handled, you can rely on a groomer for this service.

Avoid Matted Fur

The length of your cat's fur can affect how easily it becomes matted. However, even short-haired cats can have hair that becomes matted when they're not as diligent with grooming on their own.

Senior cats can begin to have mobility issues, making it essential to check whether they're grooming themself regularly. In the chance that they're not, it becomes so crucial to brush your cat's fur for them. Regularly brushing and removing any small mats as they occur can be done with the assistance of a groomer so that your cat's coat looks its best. 

Make Your Cat Comfortable 

Grooming can be an unfamiliar experience for some cats, especially since they generally take care of their fur independently. If you're concerned that your cat could feel discomfort while brushing and trimming its nails, relying on a groomer can be an excellent alternative.

The right groomer can ease your concerns and help your cat feel comfortable before they begin grooming. This extra care can make returning for additional grooming services much more manageable than handling it alone.

As you reach out to groomers like Kibble Pet Grooming, you can get familiar with the available services so you can decide which ones will cater to your cat's needs. Instead of worrying that grooming will be a challenge alone, grooming services can make caring for your senior cat so much easier.