How To Rid Your Dog Of Dandruff

Dog dandruff can be caused by several things. However, one thing you can be certain of is that the flakes are unsightly. Here are a few helpful suggestions for getting rid of your dog's dandruff. Use A Mud Bath A mud bath is one of the best ways to exfoliate your dog's skin. It is also very easy to do. Buy some Dead Sea mud at your local beauty supply store and apply it to your dog's dampened coat. Read More 

Bringing Baby Home: How To Get Your Golden Retriever Used To The New Addition

If you're expecting a new baby, and you're already the proud parents of a Golden Retriever child, it's time to get them prepared for the changes. Your dog has spent a long time being the center of attention. It might require some work, patience, and loving guidance to get them used to the new addition. Luckily, introducing your dog to the baby doesn't need to be a disaster. In fact, by following the tips provided below, introducing your dog to your new baby can be a memorable moment for all of you. Read More 

Become Informed On Ear Infections In Dogs

When you have a dog you want to learn about some of the different health conditions that you can be on the lookout for so you know when you should take your dog in to an animal hospital for treatment. Ear infections can be a common issue that dog owners may find themselves dealing with, especially in certain breeds like those that have long ears. Here is some information to help you educate yourself on ear infections in dogs: Read More 

Doberman Pinscher Puppies: Desirable Qualities You Should Look For Before You Buy

Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale makes you think about two things. One, guard dog, and two, family dog; which one applies to you and your situation? The fact that many Germans keep Dobermans as both family and as guard dogs does not make this easier. If you want a Doberman puppy because you intend to raise a champion for either showing or breeding, then you should view Dobermans as guard dogs, since that is what they were originally bred for. Read More 

4 Tips For Keeping Your German Shepard Healthy

Owning a pet can be a lot of fun and especially exciting if you have a dog, such as a German Shepard, that can be considered a show breed animal. You will want to do all you can to care for your pet and ensure this breed is healthy at all times. It's an excellent idea to know some of the simple ways to ensure the health of this particular dog. Read More