How To Prepare Your Dog For Their First Mobile Grooming

If you don't have the time to take your dog to your local groomer, there is an amazing alternative. Mobile grooming is becoming more popular with pet parents everywhere and for good reason. If this is your first experience working with a mobile pet groomer, it is important to know what is involved and how to prepare your pet for the first appointment. 

Here are a few simple tips to help you and your dog with your dog's first mobile grooming appointment.

Ensure There Is Enough Space for the Mobile Grooming Van

The best part about working with a mobile grooming company is that you do not need to leave the comfort of your home during your dog's appointment. Depending on the size of the mobile grooming van, trailer, or truck, you will need to create a space to accommodate the vehicle. For example, take your cars out of the driveway or save two to three parking spots in front of your home or apartment.

Depending on if the van has a generator or not, the grooming company may need to hook up extension cords to your home. Make sure the groomer has easy access to an indoor or outdoor electrical outlet.

Understand Your Dog's Grooming Needs Before the Appointment

Each dog's grooming needs are different and understanding your dog's unique requirements will help ensure the groomers perform their duties correctly. For example, your dog breed might only require a bath and brush, while another breed might need a haircut. Discuss your dog's needs and requirements before the appointment or immediately when the groomers arrive.

Introduce Your Dog to the Groomer

There are several things you as a dog owner can do to introduce your dog safely and correctly to the groomer. Begin by taking your dog for a walk or playing frisbee in the park before the appointment. This will help eliminate some of your dog's energy. When the groomer arrives, keep your dog on the leash and allow your dog to approach the groomer.

Let the groomer pet your dog if your dog is receptive. Your groomer can also give your dog a treat to help establish a healthy relationship. When your dog is ready, help the groomer bring the dog into the grooming van. If allowed, stay with your dog during this initial grooming appointment to help keep your dog calm.

Choosing mobile grooming is a convenient way to maintain your dog's coat and appearance. If you have any more questions, contact a mobile dog grooming service for more information.