Looking For A New Dog? Choose A Cockapoo

If you are looking for a new dog for you and your family, you should consider a Cockapoo. This dog is bred from a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. Most Cockapoos are small as they are bred with small poodles. If you prefer a larger dog, however, you can find larger Cockapoos. This is because they can be bred with large poodles. You will often see the smaller Cockapoos as people prefer the smaller to the larger in many cases. Keep reading to learn more about this adorable puppy.

Maintaining a Cockapoo

Because the Cockapoo is bred with a poodle their coat is wavy and/or curly. Clip their coat when it becomes too long. You will find the hair around their eyes does get longer so will need to be trimmed to ensure they can see well. The hair will also get into their eyes and irritate them. This hair grows much faster so ask a groomer how to trim this area so you can do it yourself at home. Take your dog to a groomer monthly to have a bath and get pampered.  

Brush their coat a few times a week and use a damp cloth to clean their ears. Talk to a veterinarian about brushing their teeth. They will need to have their nails trimmed when they become longer. You will know it is time if you start hearing a lot of noise when your dog runs on the flooring. 


Cockapoos are popular dogs because they are friendly and happy. They are intelligent which makes them easier to train. Take the dog to a trainer when it becomes old enough. If you get a small Cockapoo, the only exercise they need is to play with them in your home or outside and take them for a walk each day. 

Cockapoos get along well with children and bringing other pets into the home will not bother them. They will even get along with a cat if introduced properly. If you have people in your home with allergies, this is the perfect dog for you as they do not shed a lot. Take your dog out with you when you can so they can be around other people and dogs. They love to socialize and will look at everyone as a friend. 

A veterinarian can give you many tips on caring for your new puppy so it will stay happy and healthy.

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