Max Diaz

Want to Work With Animals? Consider Dog Grooming School

If you are someone who loves animals and has always wanted to work with them, then you might be used to people advising you to become a vet or a vet tech. Indeed, being a veterinarian is a good job, but it also requires a lot of schooling and can be a very demanding profession. A different option to consider is attending dog grooming school to become a dog groomer. Here are a few benefits of this career path. Read More 

3 Commands Every Puppy Needs To Know

If you're ready to expand your family, an AKC-registered German Shepherd puppy is a darling addition to your home. German Shepherds are an intelligent, loyal breed capable of learning a slew of complex tasks. To get a head start on your new four-legged friend's training, it's important to begin when they're young. Here are a few commands that every puppy should know. Not only will teaching your puppy these commands establish a firm foundation for your new pet's training but it will also help keep them safe as they grow and begin to explore the world. Read More 

Why Buy A Double-Handle Dog Leash?

You love walking your dog and taking them out for healthy exercise and companionship, but your canine friend sometimes gets a bit out of control. Whether your dog is a bit on the overly friendly side or they love to chase everything they see, controlling your canine companion when you take them to the park, on a basic walk, or to the vet for a checkup is your primary concern. Read More 

Diagnosing And Treating Your Dog’s Eye Injuries

Your dog's eyes are constructed much in the same way as a human's eyes and are prone to injuries if precautions are not taken. Sometimes accidents and injuries happen and, if not treated properly, can result in serious eye damage and could even be life threatening. Dogs are good at hiding their injuries, so you may not notice that something is wrong with their eyes when first injured. Here are some signs that your dog has an eye injury as well as some first aid tips you can do until you get your dog to an animal hospital. Read More 

Caring For Feet: Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dog’s Paws

You might spend time daily caring for your dog with careful brushing and teaching. However, there are many overlooked aspects to dog grooming that if ignored can end up resulting in a great deal of pain or injury for a dog. A dog's feet can be cut, irritated, or bruised, and you can help prevent these problems with some basic care tips and awareness. Here are some tips for keeping your dog's paws in top shape. Read More