3 Commands Every Puppy Needs To Know

If you're ready to expand your family, an AKC-registered German Shepherd puppy is a darling addition to your home. German Shepherds are an intelligent, loyal breed capable of learning a slew of complex tasks.

To get a head start on your new four-legged friend's training, it's important to begin when they're young. Here are a few commands that every puppy should know. Not only will teaching your puppy these commands establish a firm foundation for your new pet's training but it will also help keep them safe as they grow and begin to explore the world.

1. Come

It's important for your new puppy to develop strong recall skills. When you tell your puppy to "come," you need to be confident that they will listen the first time you give the command. Not only is "come" a convenient command when you need to get your pup inside quickly, but it's also valuable for removing your puppy from potentially dangerous situations.

To teach the "come" command, start by saying the word to your pup and giving them a treat. Then, step away from your pup, place a treat on the floor, and say, "Come." Your pup gets the treat when they arrive. Gradually increase the distance between you and your pup when giving the "come" demand. Make sure to reward their obedience with a delicious treat to reinforce their learning.

2. Sit

Puppies are known to get easily excited. One way to ensure that your excited pooch doesn't jump on someone or ransack your house is by teaching them to sit.

Capturing is an easy way to teach the "sit" command. Basically, you want to catch your puppy sitting. When you see your pup sitting, give the "sit" command and offer a treat. After a few sessions, your puppy will learn the meaning of "sit."

You can also kneel in front of your puppy and move a treat til it is over their head. This will encourage your puppy to sit so they can see the treat. Avoid pushing your puppy into a sitting position, as this can damage their developing bones or even upset them. 

3. Leave It

Your curious pup may get something in their line of site that they shouldn't have, like trash or your shoe. The "leave it" command discourages them from trying to grab the item and run away with it. 

Hold a treat (preferably not one of your dog's favorites) in one hand. Don't let your dog have it, but check that they know it is there. When your dog moves away from the treat, test him or her by saying, "Leave it," and reward them with a tastier treat. Repeat until he associates the command with ignoring the treat.