Why Buy A Double-Handle Dog Leash?

You love walking your dog and taking them out for healthy exercise and companionship, but your canine friend sometimes gets a bit out of control. Whether your dog is a bit on the overly friendly side or they love to chase everything they see, controlling your canine companion when you take them to the park, on a basic walk, or to the vet for a checkup is your primary concern.

You use a leash to keep your dog contained, but a better leash for your situation may be more than the basic style. Consider a double-handle dog leash instead of a classic leash to walk your dog. Here are just a few reasons why this type of leash is ideal for you.

You get two leashes in one

Your dog may be able to be walked on a longer leash when there are no other people or animals around, but when there is a distraction, your dog pulls and tries to get away from you. This causes you to pull up on your dog's leash so you have more control. With a double leash there is your regular leash handle at the end of the leash, then another handle built into the collar area. This allows you to control your dog by varying the length of the leash you use.

You better control your dog

You want to use a leash that allows you to control how far your dog can go away from you, but a retractable leash isn't durable enough for your strong canine friend. Use a double-handle leash instead so you can grab both the shorter and longer leash handles at once. When your dog is being obedient, let the shorter leash handle go. When your dog is getting away from you, grab that shorter handle and take control.

You can better train your dog

If your dog is still in the training process or needs a refresher on being leash trained, then you can use a double-handle dog leash to help you bond with your pet. Your dog can be held close to you while they learn how to get used to the leash, and you can use the longer part of the leash handle when your dog gains more confidence and learns new commands. Your dog will benefit from a double-handle leash, and you can enjoy the benefits of basically having two leashes in one.

To purchase a double-handle dog leash, contact a retailer, such as A Little Unique.