Become Informed On Ear Infections In Dogs

When you have a dog you want to learn about some of the different health conditions that you can be on the lookout for so you know when you should take your dog in to an animal hospital for treatment. Ear infections can be a common issue that dog owners may find themselves dealing with, especially in certain breeds like those that have long ears. Here is some information to help you educate yourself on ear infections in dogs:

Common causes for ear infections

By learning about some of the common causes for ear infections in dogs, you will have a better idea of knowing whether or not your dog is at risk and learn how you can decrease your dog's chances of getting them. Excessive moisture in a dog's ears can cause an ear infection. For this reason, you should be sure you keep your dog's ears properly groomed and clean them out by gently wiping them with a soft cloth to remove moisture. Dirty ears can also lead to an infection which is another reason why you want to stay on top of keeping them as clean and dry as you can.

Signs of an ear infection

Learning how to spot an ear infection can help you get your dog in to see the vet for treatment fast. One of the signs of an ear infection is a bad odor in the ears. So, smell your dog's ears when you are grooming them or even on a regular basis. Another sign of an ear infection is tilting of the head. Dog's may also become off-balance when they have an ear infection. You may also see your dog pawing at their ear as if they are trying to get something out of it. They may also whine for no reason if the ear infection is causing them discomfort.

Treatment for ear infections

If your dog has an ear infection then you want to get them in to see their vet. The vet will more than likely prescribe antibiotics for your dog to take. The antibiotics will help to clear up the infection. The vet may also clean their ears and they may send you home with ear drops for you to put in their ear canal. Always make sure you continue giving them their antibiotics until they are gone, even if they seem to be better. Otherwise, the ear infection may quickly return.