4 Tips For Keeping Your German Shepard Healthy

Owning a pet can be a lot of fun and especially exciting if you have a dog, such as a German Shepard, that can be considered a show breed animal. You will want to do all you can to care for your pet and ensure this breed is healthy at all times. It's an excellent idea to know some of the simple ways to ensure the health of this particular dog.

Tip #1: Maintain the right weight

One thing you will want to do is to take the time to keep tabs on the weight of your dog. It's essential that any pet you own be the right weight to avoid some potential health problems over time.

Be sure to have your vet weigh your German Shepard during each visit and keep track of any substantial weight gain or losses.

Tip #2: Exercise daily

It's a great idea to take time each day to walk your dog. This provides some benefits that include being able to keep weight under control and allowing your pet to be healthier.

Getting your dog outside and enjoying the fresh air is a perfect idea and should be done on a daily basis if possible.

Tip #3: Monitor your dog

It's a great idea to watch what your pet picks up while outside or enjoying a walk each day. This breed of animal has a keen sense of smell and may be more likely to pick up a flower that is extremely fragrant and catches the attention of your German Shepard.

The last thing you will want your pet to do is to get sick from eating a flower or plant that could potentially be dangerous and may upset your dog's stomach or even be potentially fatal. 

Tip #4: Select food carefully

You will want to be certain to look at the ingredients of the food you feed your German Shepard each day. Working to get the highest quality and best food possible for energy levels and nutrition can greatly benefit your dog.

Taking time to do all the right things for your pet is sure to pay off for you both. This is especially true if you have a show bred German Shepherd that is constantly in and out of competition. It's a great idea to rely on the expertise of your veterinarian to assist you in making this possible, so contact a local veterinarian clinic today!