What Should You Do With Your Cat During Your Summer Vacation?

Summertime means a time to vacation for many families. Unfortunately, some of those families with cats wait until the last minute to make plans for them and end up making a rushed decision about their care. If you and your family are going on vacation, here is what you need to know to make plans for your cat's summer:

Is Cat Boarding the Best Option?

For families who have cats that do not like to travel or who are wary of taking their cats on vacation, cat boarding is an option. Cat boarding is ideal because you can be sure is receiving the around-the-clock care that it needs. This differs from other options, such as hiring a pet sitter.

With a pet sitter, there is the possibility that the cat could receive meals in an untimely manner. Worse yet, if the sitter is not staying in your home or keeping your cat at his or her home, it could be days before he or she checks in on your cat.

If you do choose cat boarding, it is important that you start looking for a facility a few weeks before your trip. Remember, other cat owners will be hitting the road and they will also be reserving space in facilities for their cats.

Starting your search early also allows you time to ensure your cat meets the requirements of the facility. For instance, if your cat needs immunizations before it can be boarded, you will have ample time to get them done.

What If You Travel with Your Cat?

Traveling with your cat can present its own challenges, but if you plan, you can avoid many of the potential problems that could occur. If your cat has traveled with you in the past, traveling now will not be such an ordeal. You might also have a better experience if you are planning to stay in one location for most of the vacation. Your cat will have time to become familiar with the area.

Before traveling, find out if the hotel you are staying is pet-friendly. If not, you might have to switch to a different hotel. While traveling, be prepared to take breaks. Your cat will need an opportunity to get out of the car. Frequent stops can help your cat avoid car sickness.

Ultimately, where your cat spends your vacation time is up to you. However, choosing an option that ensures your cat is well taken care of is best for you and your cat. Contact an animal hospital like Animal Care Center of Forest Park for more information and assistance.