Your Three Summer Vacation Cat Care Options

If your family is leaving town this summer for an extended vacation, then you need to arrange care for your cats while you are away. You have three different options, including:

  1. an in-home cat sitter
  2. an out-of-home cat sitter
  3. a cat boarding facility

So you can choose the best option for your cats, here is more information on each of these three options:

An In-Home Cat Sitter

As the name implies, an in-home cat sitter is someone who comes to your home and cares for your cats in their familiar environment. This type of cat care is ideal for kitties who are skittish or who are very adverse to change. 

When using an in-home cat sitter, you should ask them to come to your home at least once each day while you are gone. They should clean your cat's litter box, feed and water your cats, and also spend some social time with your cat. Most cats only want a short period of social time each day, so simply taking the time to throw a catnip mouse or petting your cat will keep them happy while you are on vacation.

An Out-of-Home Cat Sitter

If you do not feel comfortable with a stranger coming to your home while you aren't there, then you can also opt to have your cat cared for in another person's home. While this type of care situation works well with sociable dogs, it can be a challenge for cats. If the cat care person has a quiet space where your cats can be safely housed, then this can be an option. However, if the cat care person has their own cats, then you should opt for either in-home care or boarding at a cat care facility.

A Cat Boarding Facility

The third option you have for cat care while your family is on vacation is to board them in a professional boarding facility. Typically, veterinary offices have boarding areas and some areas have specialized pet hotels where you can board cats. If you opt for a boarding facility, make sure they board your cat well away from the noise of barking dogs and in their own space. Cats that are boarded in cages are not happy, but cats who are boarded with other cats they don't know will have problems as well. Finally, make sure the boarding facility socializes your cat while it is in their care to lessen its stress level.

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