Doberman Pinscher Puppies: Desirable Qualities You Should Look For Before You Buy

Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale makes you think about two things. One, guard dog, and two, family dog; which one applies to you and your situation? The fact that many Germans keep Dobermans as both family and as guard dogs does not make this easier. If you want a Doberman puppy because you intend to raise a champion for either showing or breeding, then you should view Dobermans as guard dogs, since that is what they were originally bred for. As such, you should look for the following qualities in a litter of Doberman puppies before you purchase your puppy.

The Torso of a Greyhound

The Doberman puppy you choose should have the body of a greyhound. It should be full and broad-chested, narrowing through the abdomen, and ending in an upward curve toward the smaller buttocks. The lines should be smooth, sleek, and continuous. View the puppy while it is standing, and view it from both sides. If there are any noticeable differences, such as a linear slump in the abdomen or buttocks, you will need to leave that puppy behind.

The Sharp Nose of a Hound

Doberman Pinschers have the long, sharp noses of the hound breeds. The snouts should be slender, with small, delicate noses. Your puppy should also have a wet nose that is absent of mucus discharge. A slight angular rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead should be present. If the angle is too boxy or too flat, this is an imperfection that will disqualify your puppy in the dog show ring.

Long Slender Legs

The Doberman's body is emphasized by the long, slender legs that support it. The front legs are very straight, while the hind legs formulate long, backward-sweeping flanks to the knees, where the rest of the hind leg drops straight to the floor. The pads of the feet should be large to help counterbalance the weight of the body.

Tall, Erect, Pointed Ears

Dobermans are easily recognized by their small heads with tall, erect, alert, and pointed ears. Even as puppies, Dobermans have ears that point up. They are constantly listening, curious about the world, and focused on watching for predators. If you see puppies with droopy ears or ears that are not quite as erect, tall, and/or pointed, the puppies do not have pure bloodlines. They may make good family dogs, but they will lack the required and desirable characteristics for showing in the ring.